Outer Borough Pictures

Welcome to Outer Borough Pictures, a full-scale video and television production company. From creative development to production services, Outer Borough Pictures delivers unique and original content.

With our two sister companies, Great City Post, a boutique post-production facility, and My Evil Twin, a mobile apps development company, Outer Borough becomes a one stop shop for all production needs.

Outer Borough Pictures is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and exploring new genres. Whether it is a commercial, web-series or full-fledged television series, we are committed to creating content that breaks through the noise and creates buzz. Through our unique connections to performers, musicians, writers, comedians, artists and producers we develop highly-polished creative content aimed to touch a wide-spread audience.

Branded Content

Through our unique experience of commercials, promos and television programming, we can build a full 360 campaign for your brand. From a simple 15-30 second spot, to an image campaign to a web series, we will work to create thoughtful and buzz-worthy creative content. Our work has been picked up everywhere from Salon to Gawker to Perez Hilton to the Huffington Post.

We know how to make video that people will watch and we have the contacts to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Original Content

Our content is driven by unique storytelling and creating material that can make an impact. We look to develop real and truthful characters who an audience can be inspired by and relate to. Whether narrative, documentary or marketing, we aim to create content that viewers will have an emotional and thoughtful connection to.

Production Services

Do you have a concept that you need to have executed? Do you have a treatment you need blown out? Do you have a video you need produced? Outer Borough Pictures can step in at any stage of the process and bring your vision to fruition.

We have the crew, the facilities and the creative management team in place to give your vision a polished product.

 Outer Borough Pictures. 122 W 26th St. 9th Fl. NY, NY 10001. 212.242.0664